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Bermudillo, Timpe Tampert, Daniel Dudek, Gammelpot, Dusty Dabbert, Teobald, Nicky Bommel, Danny Doodle, Bobo Pak Janggut

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The first editions of the Douwe Dabberts adventures were not only published in the Netherlands, but have been translated by a number of countries (See on this website page Country Albums): 

Danish (Gammelpot - 23 albums), Indonesian (Pak Janggut - 23 albums), English (Dusty Dabbert - 2 albums), Spanish (Bermudillo - 8 albums), Portuguese (Danny Doodle - 3 albums), Polish (Daniel Dudek - 1 album), Swedish (Teobald- 3 albums), Luxembourgish (Nicky Bommel - 1 album), German (Timpe Tampert - 3 albums) and Frisian (Douwe Dabbert - 1 album).


In The Netherlands, the complete series is (will be) released in 5 versions:

In addition, several stories have appeared in anthologies. All stories that appeared in Donald Duck have been included in the album series. Only one three-page story, How is a strip made - Douwe Dabbert tells, has not been included in the series. This short story has been published in the books "Leer striptekenen met: Avro Wordt Vervolgd Club" (Learn to draw comics with: Avro Will Be Prosecuted Club) and "Wordt Vervolgd 'presenteert'" (Will Be Prosecuted 'presents') (both from 1985). See page All Editions - Promotial Material.