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Stripschap / Stripschrift

Stripschrift is a Dutch comics information magazine founded in 1968 by Het Stripschap, an association of comics enthusiasts. It first appeared once a month, later once every two months and now eight times a year.

It contains comics as well as information about comics and comic book authors from home and abroad. After the death of a famous cartoonist, an extensive article is dedicated to him or her, and from time to time specials appear on a complete body of work, or the complete work of a cartoonist throughout his or her life. Specials also appear about a particular comic strip. This is not the same thing, as a comic book series is sometimes produced by many cartoonists. Although originally founded by Het Stripschap, the magazine has been edited by Stripschrift since 2004.

  1975 - 9 

1990 - #9 - 236

1993 - #267  

2002 - #9 - 346 

2021 - #467 

Het Stripschap - "Louter Kabouters (Purely gnomes)" ..... Comic Day in Gouda, 18 Sep 1976

Stripschrift no. 483 - June 2023