,,,,All about Douwe Dabbert

and translated albums 

Bermudillo, Timpe Tampert, Daniel Dudek, Gammelpot, Dusty Dabbert, Teobald, Nicky Bommel, Danny Doodle, Bobo Pak Janggut and Barbie, released in UAE

Promotial Material

Oberon De Stripwinkel, Big Balloon Publishers, Oberon Boekenblaadje, Breda Strip-3-Daagse, Barabas De avonturen van Douwe Dabbert, Leer Striptekenen,  Cartoon Aid, Stripschrift, De Bol Large Postcard, Oberon Great Douwe Dabbert Contest,  Leesvoer, Bouterbode, Boekenport 99, NZH Poster, Oberon Kijken & Lezen

A number of softcover brochures and one-page folders have been issued as promotial material. Of course, there are also giveaways,  like stone Douwe Dabbert figurines, pins, bags, Douwe Dabbert clocks, puzzles, magazines, a variety of corporate gifts, spoken videos (kind of collapsible group)  .... There was even a Café Douwe Dabbert in Zeist, a town in The Netherlands .....

Note: I have put a check mark by those issues which I have in my collection .