All about Douwe Dabbert

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Bermudillo, Timpe Tampert, Daniel Dudek, Gammelpot, Dusty Dabbert, Teobald, Nicky Bommel, Danny Doodle, Bobo Pak Janggut and Barbie released in UAE

Douwe's Friends

Although, there are times when Douwe is out on his own, many friendships have developed during his adventures.

People and animals who got Douwe's help in difficult situations have become good friends, and even those it was hard to talk to in the beginning, like Princess Pauline and Lady Cecilia van Raerekiek tot Zemelaer (The Lady in the Frame) developed warm friendships with the little boss. And be honest..... You couldn't wish for a better friend, a better ally, than Douwe Dabbert!


Below are a number of images that perfectly illustrate how people react to Douwe's friendship.

The blacksmith and his son are delighted to see Douwe Dabbert and Princess Pauline arrive. It will be a pleasant stay.

Missy Kodde gets the clothing no longer needed from Princess Pauline: "Anytime we see you, Douwe, you bring happiness..."

Teun the Blacksmith with his wife and children welcome Douwe Dabbert during the Christmas story.

Douwe Dabbert and Princess Pauline enjoy a delicious meal at the home of Tim the Lumberjack and his family..

Douwe Dabbert, Pief and Domoli in a social gathering with Mr. and Mrs. Yoshima, daughter Omika and son Tjibbe.

Nepangorak, the eskimo village elder, and some villagers warmly welcome Douwe Dabbert and the last Dodo.

The village walks out, enjoying a drink and food, after the unpleasant experience with the "monster" of Fog Lake, by Ludo Lafhart and his silly servant Knudde.

To his great surprise, Douwe Dabbert is suddenly facing Santa Claus.

At his first meeting at the Secret Animal Kingdom, Douwe Dabbert, accompanied by the general, was introduced to King Bahm. Later he would become great friends with all the inhabitants, especially the bear Thorm.