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Key dates and Info trivia in Douwe Dabbert's history -

Thom the small talk, Pete the illustrations (Thom de praatjes, Piet de plaatjes)

Key dates in Douwe Dabbert's history

  • August 13- 1973: Thom Roep starts working as an editor at Oberon. He joins the editorial staff of the weekly magazine Donald Duck. After a trial assignment (incl. a scenario for the Big Bad Wolf). This very first story was drawn by Robert van der Kroft and published in Donald Duck #4, 1975.
  • Spring 1974: Thom Roep visits the editorial team of the girls magazine Tina on weekly base, just to collect some samples of the girls magazine in which the coninuing story of Jennifer Scott, drawn by Piet Wijn, is published. One of the Tina editors tells Paul Deckers, editor-in-chief of the Disney juveniles, that Wijn might be interest in doing more work for Oberon. Deckers knows that Thom, 22 years old, is a great fan of the 45-years old Wijn fan and gives him the opportunity to write a fairy tale-story for Donald Duck.
  • May 19- 1974:  Thom writes a synopsis for the first album: The spoiled Princess. His idea is it will be an adventures of 22 pages, but it seems that 44 pages will be necessary to tell the story.
  • Week 1 - 1975: The Spoiled Princess -adventure starts in Donald Duck issue #1. Princess Pauline is the leading character. Douwe Dabbert is making his first appearance at page 13 and he will be the star in the next 22 stories.
  • 1977: Denmark, publisher Williams, was the first country with a Douwe Dabbert album in the world. It was the Danish editor Henning Kure who saw Douwe Dabbert in the dutch Donald Duck and wanted to publish it in album form....... Actually, we owe the first two comic books of Douwe Dabbert to the Danes...... Gammelpot: Literally translated that's "Old Piet" or "Old Peter" .... Oh, this website owner might also be called Gammelpot :-)
  • Also in 1977: The first Douwe Dabbert album - The Spoiled Princess - was also published by Oberon in the Netherlands.  In both Denmark and the Netherlands, 23 albums were published.
  • In 1981 and 1982: with the exception of Indonesian, Polish, Arabic and English, all translations of Douwe Dabbert were published in German, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Frisian.
  • Piet Wijn suffered a stroke in 1986 that caused him to lose control of his right arm. It seemed to be the end of his cartooning. But the word "give up" was not in Piet's dictionary! He practiced and practiced with the left. And soon his pencil sketches were clear enough to have someone else ink them. All this, by the way, was the reason why no new Douwe Dabbert appeared in 1987. From page 13 of the new album in 1988, after much practice, and impressive perseverance, Piet found the strength to take over inking himself again - yes, even with the left - and Piet would continue this until the 22nd album in 1998.
  • Fellow illustrators immediately think of the first time Piet starts drawing again after his stroke. That shows a tremendous urge to draw, even when he also resumes ink work a little later. Both even left-handed. A huge respect.
  • Everything comes to an end. This volume of Douwe Dabbert is the fence closing.......but sometimes a fence clamps, and it's not really locked. In 2001, no less than four years after the previous 1997 volume, Douwe Dabbert's twenty-third and final album "The amazing frame story" was published, containing two stories.
  • Piet Wijn sadly passed away on Oct. 6, 2010 in his hometown of Leidschendam.

Info trivia in Douwe Dabbert's history

"He who is amiable" ..... "He who created wonderful stories in Douwe Dabbert"....... He who sent a lot of information to me" ... "He who always answers despite his busy schedule" .... "He whose way shows itself" ..........