All about Douwe Dabbert

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from Piet Wijn, Thom Roep

Bermudillo, Timpe Tampert, Daniel Dudek, Gammelpot, Dusty Dabbert, Teobald, Nicky Bommel, Danny Doodle, Bobo Pak Janggut ..... and Barbie, released in UAE

Hello, my name is Peter C. A. de Jong ................ Thank you for visiting my website.

My original intention was to create a website with only the first editions of Douwe Dabbert, plus all translated first editions from other countries. These were basically only softcover editions, unless otherwise published by a particular country, such as Portugal and the US, which have only hardcover editions. See the "Initial 1st editions" page.

I wanted to organize my collection accordingly.

Gradually, however, I started expanding both the website and my collection to include both softcover and hardcover, reissues, new printings of an earlier edition, special editions from a particular publisher, and promotional materials, drawings/paintings, accessories, ads .... all from publishers in the Netherlands and translated in other countries. Think of it as a "Douwe Dabbert Bibliography" ...........


For all editions and articles, which I have in my collection, I have put a check mark .

I have also made a PowerPoint presentation of all first editions, by country of issue, with all relevant details. See page "First editions/country"

Also, I have created an Excel Spreadsheet of everything that belongs to my Douwe Dabbert collection. See


In addition, I would like to highlight the various weekly magazines that have published an article about Douwe Dabbert. See in particular the many Donald Ducks weeklies (1975-2001), which have published a story, which later appeared in the comic series. See the "All editions/Donald Duck" page, but also Pulgarcito (1981) and Zipi y Zape (1981) in Spain, Albumklubben Trumf (1983 and 1985) in Denmark, Bobo Sisipan in Indonesia (1985-1996), and also the children's magazine ZACK (1990) in Luxembourg.

I would like to express my great thanks for the personal contact, which I have with Thom Roep........ I am sincerely very grateful to him.

For mentioning my website in their comic magazine edition, I would like to thank:

Het Stripschap (Meerten Welleman)

EPPO #11 (Rob van Bavel)

EPPO #13 (Rob van Bavel) for publishing my article

Stripschrift (Willem Naber and Rik Sanders) for publishing my article

StripGlossy (Seb van der Kaaden) for posting an article about me and my website in issue #27

Why do I like liking to like Douwe Dabbert and translations ......... Well, they are friendly stories that just contain so much excitement and humor that they ask to be read through. They are set in a kind of fairy-tale nineteenth-century world, skillfully portrayed by illustrator Piet Wijn with a sense of humor and detail.......... But also in appreciation of Piet Wijn and Thom Roep, as others have done with the Stripschapprijs to Piet in 1984, and the Bulletje and Boonestaak Scale for Thom in 2015. See photos of both award ceremonies below.

Join me on a journey into Douwe Dabbert's past, translations and all the details, and I hope you like my website and collection.